Zebracorn Labs

Here at the Zebracorns, we believe in learning and pushing boundaries. In pursuit of that, we have published papers, given talks, and have other tidbits of knowledge lying around. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

19 May 2016 - Alon Greyber

ZebraVision 4.0 - Object Tracking

Zebravision 4.0 is Team 900s vision system for the 2016 season; FIRST Stronghold. Our work was focused around recognizing the vision goals using shape and color based matching, recognizing the boulders using a neural network, and integrating the detection systems into a tracking system using the StereoLabs ZED stereo camera. This paper describes our tracking system, or how we get useful information that is persistent across frames from our detections.

05 Dec 2015 - Will Guthrie

CAD and Onshape

An introduction to CAD in general and a tutorial of Onshape as given at the FRC NC Workshop at JCC

20 Nov 2015 - Alon Greyber

ZebraVision 3.5

Zebravision 3.5 is Team 900's work done in the postseason of 2015 and preseason of 2016. Our focus has been finding new ways to gather information about our robot's surroundings. We have been working to integrate the StereoLabs ZED, a stereoscopic camera, into the 2015 vision system with the Jetson TK1 using OpenCV. Special thanks to Stereolabs for providing support and assistance as we tested and integrated the ZED into our own work. We could not do this without their support!