Zebracorns Interest Meeting Sep 4, 2017

Interested in joining The Zebracorns? Join us Saturday, September 9th from 2 PM-4 PM in the NCSSM Lecture Hall. We are a community team, so any and all high school students are welcome. If you don't know where the lecture hall is, wait in Bryan Lobby and our students will be happy to escort you.

Is your child interested in joining The Zebracorns? Wondering what to expect from us? Come to the interest meeting! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Have questions before hand? Email mentors@team900.org and we will do our best to answer promptly!

Steampower! Apr 4, 2017

We are excited to announce that we won the North Carolina District Championships for this year’s game, FIRST Steamworks. Congratulations to our alliance partners Team 4561, the Terrorbytes, and Team 3229, Hawktimus Prime. We will be attending FIRST World Championships in Houston, Texas on April 18, and would like to thank everyone who made this possible for us.

Join the Herd! Sep 14, 2016

Our interest meeting will take place at NCSSM in the Lecture Hall on Monday, September 19th at 5:30 p.m. Non-NCSSM students should meet in NCSSM's lobby for directions to the Lecture Hall. New students are highly encouraged to attend to learn more about our team and meet this year's Leadership students, who will be presenting. Returning students are also expected to attend to learn about changes occurring this year. For those who cannot attend on this date, we will be holding a rain-check interest meeting on Thursday, September 22nd, at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in our Northgate Mall Space 630 across from the DMV.

Robot Reveal Mar 6, 2016
Build Season

Check out our robot!

Robot Teaser

Code from Preseason Jan 7, 2016
Preseason Programming Programming - Controls Programming - Vision

We are proud to release our code from preaseason for other teams to look at in order to learn what we've been working on and how they can do it themselves. We've been working on code for both vision processing and our swerve drive, and both can be found on our team's Github page (https://github.com/FRC900). The 2015CommandAndControlBeta repository contains an (as of writing, unfinished) port of our swerve drive code to the new Command and Control schema for LabVIEW. Meanwhille, the vision team has been working on our vision libraries. Zebravision 3.0 is a vision program designed to detect bins from the 2015 FRC game. Zebravision 3.5 is development of new vision programs and techniques for upcoming games. Again, all of our code can be found on the team's Github page.

Meeting with the JoCo Robos Nov 17, 2015
Outreach Preseason

Tonight we sent four leadership students to meet with the JoCo Robo's at Johnston County Community College. We discussed what we've learned from our experience and gave them some good advice so they can avoid our many, many past mistakes. We'd like to give them a huge thanks for inviting us out, and we hope we can work with them again, hopefully at district champs!

Excited for New Camera! Nov 17, 2015

You've seen us build a robot in 7 hours, now watch us do it in 6 weeks, all from the comfort of your couch. We've procured a high definition 1080P security camera that is network streamable and we will record the entire build process of our robot, and release this video at the end of the season. We'll use OpenCV and video editing software to strip out the few hours a day when we aren't in the lab, so you get just the good parts!

Meeting Summary Nov 16, 2015
CAD Mechanical Preseason Programming Programming - Controls

Here is some information about what we did at our last meeting:


Last meeting, the CAD team split up duties to get more achieved in a shorter amount of time. The items were designing new furniture for the pit at competitions, new furniture for storage in the lab, working on a new drivetrain, as well as organizing and moving the library of CAD-ed parts for the robot. These mini teams worked on their projects from last meeting. OnShape continued to be tested to determine if it could possibly replace SolidWorks as the main CAD program. It was determined that there is not a way to move an assembly from OnShape to SolidWorks without losing mates; so when this is attempted, the result in SolidWorks is an explosion with the assembly parts in it.

LabVIEW Programming

Today we installed firmware updates for the RoboRIO, Talon STX's (x4) and the PDP, in order to comply with the beta. We then began testing basic LabVIEW code to be sure that everything is working properly.


Mechancial worked on re-assembling our serve drive for the beta test.

Homework Oct 15, 2015

We've been assigning homework at the regular meetings for the past two weeks; it isn't hard, we promise. If you haven't quite kept up with them, that's okay, but you should probably check your email if you don't know what they are. If you've done both the homeworks, there may be a reward in your future!

Movie!! Oct 15, 2015
Preseason Social

We will be watching a movie in Hunt Classroom from 6-9 on Saturday, October 17th. If you don't know where that is, meet in the lab at 6. This is just a fun thing so we can spend time together as a team. The movie will be determined via survey responses, so check your email and come hang out with us!